Wry & Dry

Electric head

Just to take your mind away from the woes of the market, W&D's observations last week about electric cars and the ride in a Tesla brought some mail.  And those writers and other electric heads heads will delight in this week's release of Tesla's SUV.  The Tesla Model X is truly astounding. And this model is expensive.  But a cheaper version will come out next year.

This model has a range of over 400 kilometres, does 0-100 kph in 3.2 seconds and because it has no gearbox, pipes, hoses, oil sumps, etc has lots of room.  And is cheap to run.  And virtually no servicing costs.  It can seat 7.  Bonus: it has 'falcon wing' rear doors, that also hinge so that the doors can open within 30cm of the next car in the car-park.  This is an elegant beast.

W&D might be going green...