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From its quiet beginnings in a one-roomed, windowless office in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell, First Samuel has grown to a significant Collins Street presence and become one of Australia’s leading private wealth management firms.

Since 1999, First Samuel has grown steadily, moving premises thrice to meet ever-growing client demand.  During this time, the company has successfully managed its clients’ interests through a range of adverse financial events including those caused by the Tech-Wreck, the Second Gulf War, economic downturns, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis and the Covid-19 collapse in 2020. 

Through its evolution, First Samuel has retained its core values. It has not succumbed to the temptation to grow quickly or to grow into related financial services.  It has resisted offers to commoditise our investment expertise into managed funds.  It has resisted commission led inducements to introduce our clients to others.

And our original service is unchanged: To provide individual, indispensable and enduring relationships that create, manage and protect wealth.


First Samuel Limited Timeline from 1999 to date.
First Samuel Limited Timeline from 1999 to date.

Know where we’re going

We live in a crazy world. And we operate in a rapidly changing industry. The exponential increase in the use of technology in all aspects of the industry has been amazing. This has provided many advantages.

But it has also increased the commoditisation of products and services. And made clients more distant from their suppliers. It’s become worse that the “press one for our health and safety rules; press two and enter your client number followed by the hash-key; press three…” service offering. It’s now a ‘chat bot’ or “leave your phone number and we’ll call you back.”

Clients become a square peg to be inserted into a technologically round hole.

But not at First Samuel. We stay true to our core values where we continue to:

  • Regard each client as precious
  • Grow our business slowly
  • Maintain our amazing service standards
  • Listen to each client


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Our advice is focused on capturing the opportunity of your financial circumstances. And not on a financial plan or ticking compliance boxes.

Our investments are direct, allowing for individual customisation and tax management. And not just in superannuation.

Our administration and reporting are state-of-the-art.

Critically, everything we do is overlaid with honest, transparent and client-focused business ethics.

We spend time managing your wealth – we don’t just drop you into third party funds and walk away.
Your Private Client Adviser will help you stay accountable to you achieving your goals.

All aspects of your wealth are managed by Associates with experience and expertise.


We remove the frustration and uncertainty of you having to single-handedly navigate ever-changing legislation and regulations.


We’ll help you keep focussed on the things that matter and to ignore market ‘noise’.


Your Private Client Adviser is your direct and personal contact with the team that invests your wealth.


There will always be a real person answering your calls and questions.