We offer personalised wealth management that revolves around you, we’d like you to think about yourself and your family. What follows is not a test. Or a series of inputs for an algorithm that will predict your future. It’s just four questions to provide a way to look at your needs and to start to put them in a framework for us to discuss when we meet


There might be many reasons why you came to our website. Maybe you value individual financial advice. Or sense you are a little lost and don’t know where to start. We wish to narrow the range down to those that we have found over 22 years to be foremost in clients’ minds. Consider which you most relate to.

Your existing arrangement is not delivering you the service, performance, flexibility, or individuality you want or need.

Retirement, inheritance, divorce, returning from overseas, etc., each require specialist advice. And going through a transition may well leave you emotionally drained, unable to then manage the financial and administrative matters. Doing nothing is not a strategy. 

You now have enough income or investible wealth to get serious about your financial future.


Successful wealth management takes time. And that means time to reflect on decisions that might have profound consequences. Just think of the three components of wealth management: advice (tax, superannuation, structures, etc); investment (markets, stocks, volatility, etc) and administration & reporting (record keeping, performance measurement, auditing, etc). Wealth management is not a part-time job.

You have nothing but time, and a financial situation and family set up that allow you the freedom to fill your hours as you wish. The most important questions are, do you enjoy managing your wealth, and do you have the knowledge and expertise to do so?

You have a few hours every day where you’re not busy with work or family commitments. The questions then are, how would you best like to spend this free time, what can you outsource so that your time remains your own and what happens when your circumstances change and you no longer have time on your hands?

You have a demanding job and lifestyle. Your day is carefully organised to do justice to the many roles you are managing in your life. You don’t have the time to actively manage your wealth and investments. You’ve historically outsourced it. Or ignored it.


Unlike being a surgeon or an electrician, there are few barriers to entry to wealth management. Almost anybody can open an online investment portfolio and trade shares. Or read about financial advice in the media. It’s not a question of whether you like doing it. It’s are you expert enough to do it all well?

I have successful experience in investing in at least shares and real estate. I understand how to measure performance success. I know the risks of my investments. I understand the benefits of diversification. I invest without emotion, ignoring short terms trends or fashions. I know all about self managed superannuation and the governing rules.
I know what I don’t know.

I know the benefits of self managed superannuation funds, but not how they work. I know the importance of diversification, but not how it works. I know about the share market but worry about its volatility. I hear about companies like Tesla, BHP, CSL and AfterPay but I’m unsure if it’s all hype. I know that there are lots of tax rules.
I don’t know what I don’t know.

I know I need to invest for the long-term. I know that property and shares are needed to grow my wealth, but not how, or how much. I don’t understand all the tax rules about superannuation. This is not my field of expertise.
I know that I don’t know enough.

Where do you fit?

Click here for a useful matrix to assist you in how you might look at your wealth management needs. It’s not definitive, just a guide.

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4. How would you describe yourself?

Cats or dogs? Red wine or white wine? Meat or vegetables? Hiking vacation or poolside? Or of more relevance: spender or saver? Or even more so: how much of a delegator are you? This applies to wealth management, not whether you wash your car or take it to the car wash.

I’m happy to trust the right expert to do it all for me. I don’t have the time, the interest, or the ability. It’s too complicated with so many rules.

I’m happy for someone else to do what I cannot do.  But I have a great interest in some investments and like to make some decisions. 

I understand financial markets and am an experienced investor. I trust my own judgement. I accept I will make mistakes, but that’s okay.

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Any advice contained on this website is of a general nature only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, before acting on any advice on this website, you should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. If you wish to seek personal financial advice from First Samuel please contact us to arrange a meeting either by phoning 03 8610 9222 or clicking here.

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