Wry & Dry

The nightmare: Pauline Hanson mates with Nick Xenephon...

W&D is now having nightmares.  

Pauline Hanson mates with Nick Xenephon and a multiple-birth of crazed adult politicians are born.  All have red hair and wear leather jackets.  They are the sole political representatives of people of South Promised Land, the newly merged Queensland and South Australian states.  Bob Katter is god-father to them all.

South Promised Land has become the manufacturing heartland of Australia.  With state-owned steel industry, naval dockyards, car industry and its own bank (The State Bank of SPL) and its own mandatory six-child policy for white Australian hetro-sexual couples, the new state has become the petri-dish for new economic and social thinking.


Don't laugh.

With dissatisfaction with Coalition, Labor and the Greens at an all-time high, NXT (Nick Xenephon Team), One Nation (Pauline Hanson) and Bob Katter didn't have to go to the people with policies (although each had some).   They just had to not be a major party.

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's has read the tea-leaves of political anarchy (especially in the Senate) and has put Australia's AAA rating on credit watch.

With the crazies in the Senate, S&P have little confidence in Australia being able to manage it finances.

As readers can see from the below chart, the trend is obvious.  And with the Senate keen on expanding expenditure and refusing any cost savings, S&P's stance is easy to understand.

AAA v peers