It’s Smart  – to move from chaos to …Clarity

The investment world is not easy to navigate – it is a tangle of markets and players that often goes from euphoria to panic.

That’s why you need smart investment skills. To give you clarity.  Clarity in optimising the long-term, after-tax return on your investments.

First Samuel provides you with those expert investment skills and a record of success that rests with five key factors:

1. Individual management

We will establish and manage an individually registered portfolio for you.  This is the only way your portfolio’s tax position and individual preferences can be managed. 

Managed funds cannot and do not provide any ability to manage your tax or individual preferences.

2. Long-term focus

We invest for the long-term and ignore the day-to-day emotions of markets.  Too often investors get spooked by the gyrations of markets or enthused by the fashion of moment.  Too often they try to get rich quickly.

We also ignore the ‘hot stocks’, which are often spectacularly successful in the short term, but freeze without warning.   We focus on the long-term fundamentals of each security. 

First Samuel is a patient investor.

3. Expertise

Investment management is a strange profession – while many think that they can do it, long-term success generally only comes to those who have the time and the expertise.

At First Samuel your investments will be managed with day-to-day attention (but with only infrequent transactions) by an expert team.

4. Strict Standards

We will only invest on the basis of three core principles:

Income Sustainability: Your securities must have a proven ability to generate income, be it dividends, interest or distributions.  For example, we don’t like stocks that don’t pay dividends (or low dividends), and we don’t like trusts that may not pay a distribution next year.

Profit Growth: The companies we invest in must be growing and that growth must be reflected in growing dividends (not necessarily growing dividend payouts).  It is profit growth that drives dividend growth, and dividend growth drives share price growth.

Fair Price: The lower the price at which you can purchase an investment, the higher your potential upside.  There is little point in buying a so-called blue chip share if its price is too high relative to its profits. 

5. Diversification

Diversifying your portfolio across a range of asset and industry sectors is a smart way to lower your risk.

The Australian market is highly concentrated in banks and resource stocks.  Our diversified approach means that we do not rely on any one or only a few stocks to add value.  We see the opportunities more broadly, not only because there are often better individual stocks but also because we want to lower the risk of your portfolio.

By employing these five key factors, First Samuel provides you with the smart investment skills you need to navigate today’s markets. To help you to live well and sleep well.  With clarity.