Find investment outcomes tailored to your needs

First Samuel provides for you the five essential components of successful investment.

1. Individual management

We will establish and manage an individually registered portfolio for you. This is the only way your portfolio’s tax position and individual preferences can be managed. And the only way to optimise your franking credits.

Managed funds and industry superannuation funds cannot and do not provide any ability to manage your tax or individual preferences.

2. We do it all for you

We invest for you according to a pre-agreed investment program. That program includes:

  • your investment objectives
  • tax considerations for the investing entity
  • asset mix tailored for you
  • security prohibitions and/or restrictions (if any) e.g. no alcohol, no thermal coal
  • security type preferences (if any) e.g. technology, environmentally sustainable
  • security risk levels that reflect your risk preferences
  • cash flow needs

You do not have to worry – we choose the investments for you. It’s like having your own managed fund.

3. Expertise

Investment management is a strange profession – while many think that they can do it, long-term success generally only comes to those who have the time and the experience.

At First Samuel your investments will be managed with day-to-day attention by an expert team. This team is motivated to you achieving your financial goals, not theirs.

4. Mega-customisation

We will design, build and manage your portfolio(s) to your exacting needs.

So, you don’t like X stock and prefer Y. That’s okay.

So, you want to offset tax in one portfolio with losses in another. That’s okay.

So, you want us to manage your superannuation portfolio with two different strategies. That’s okay.

So, you want us to buy a stock for you. That’s okay.

So, you want a portfolio tilt away from resource stocks. That’s okay.

So, you want a performance fee, to ensure that we only get extra reward if we succeed. That’s okay.

5. Direct contact with the person managing your wealth

In addition to ongoing contact with your qualified Wealth Strategist, you can meet our Chief Investment Officer to discuss your portfolio(s). Either one-on-one, or with other clients at one of our investment dinners and lunches.

We are concerned to ensure that, if you wish, you are as fully informed as you want to be about your investments. Whether through our Client Portal or through direct contact with our team, you will always be in-the-know about your investments.

By employing these five key factors, First Samuel provides you with investment outcomes that are tailored to your needs. Not ours.