WRY & DRY #28: Sorcerer. Besties. Millions.

Three and a half weeks ago, Apprentice Jim Chalmers presented to the world his pleasant sounding but really vague ‘objectives of superannuation’ paper. But as each new subsequent morning dawned, he found that he had become the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It started as a theoretical ‘shoot-the-breeze’ exercise that would lead to a rational way to increase taxes on some superannuation investors. It soon turned into a media circus, the RPM of which was daily increasing.

<strong>“Value” on offer?</strong>

A key point during the CIO dinners this month was that long-term value is emerging in the Australian share market (at last). With the aid of a simple chart, we discuss the reasoning behind this and how our clients are positioned to benefit.

Time takes over

What mattered this week? Another takeover. And a big one at that. Origin Energy has received a takeover offer at a considerable (50%+) premium.

Ruling off FY-22

The last week of company profit reports proved to be as busy as the week that preceded it.

We detail results from PointsBet, Aurelia Metals, Costa Group and Perpetual amongst others.

Raining Results

With Profit Reporting season ramping up, we switch our focus to reports from clients’ companies.

Becoming expensive (to stay expensive)

A reserved Matt Comyn fronted the market on Tuesday as CBA released its profit result for FY-22. The numbers presented shed some more light on the challenges that lie ahead for the banking sector.

Infection, inflation, inflection

This Profit Reporting Season is unique, in that occurs at a time when we are standing on the fulcrum of a seesaw. We explore what’s in focus during this year’s Profit Reporting Season.

Wry & Dry #32: 18 March 2022

The Chief Teller of the US central bank hoisted US interest rates by a modest 0.25 of a percentage point. But no-one in the US is asking the US government to save them from this inflation. There are no demands for tax cuts to relieve ‘cost-of-living’ pressure. However, Australia is not only in another hemisphere, it is also on another planet.