Our Unique Service

It’s Unique – to move from confrontation to …Clarity

The Australian wealth management industry is fragmented and confusing.  It can be very hard to not only get the right advice but to know where to get it. 

There are products and services offered by banks; stockbrokers; financial planners; insurance companies; private banks; accountants; boutique managers; industry superannuation funds; managed funds; administration platforms and superannuation companies.

And there is an amazing number of government rules and regulation covering everything from superannuation and taxation to insurances and estate and succession planning.  Many of these rules change regularly, especially within superannuation.

First Samuel was founded to provide clients with clarity: a distinct alternative to this fragmented confusion. 

Unique service

First Samuel has been providing an integrated wealth management service to individuals, families, charities and not-for-profit organisations since 1999.

Based on the model of a European private bank, we tailor solutions to clients’ individual needs. We do not pay or receive commissions, and work with a long-term view.

Our service fully integrates the four critical areas of wealth management:

  • Strategic wealth management planning and advice
  • Tailored investment management
  • Administration, reporting and auditing
  • An ethical approach

Unique – so what?

First Samuel’s sole business is the provision of this integrated service.

No other company does this.  Some provide part of the service.  Or are part of a larger company that offers a range of other services and products.

Being unique isn’t a recommendation in itself.  But it’s a good start on getting the right focus for your wealth management needs being met.

Because it provides you with clarity.  Not confusion.