Our History

It’s history – from commencement with Clarity to …still having Clarity

From its quiet beginnings in a one-roomed, windowless office in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell, First Samuel has grown to become one of Australia’s leading private wealth management firms.  

With a steady focus on its original vision:

‘To provide individual, indispensable and enduring relationships that create, manage and protect wealth’

First Samuel’s philosophy is firmly aligned with clients’ interests.


With funds to invest after returning from a lengthy overseas assignment, founder and Executive Director Anthony Starkins sought a company that would provide his family with a high quality, ethical and integrated wealth management service.

However, after meeting with a number of private banks, stockbrokers and financial planners he decided that the only way his needs would be met would be to start his own wealth management business.

Early days

In early 1999 Anthony formed First Samuel and began building its unique business model.  The business moved to Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne, where regulatory licences were obtained, technology was deployed and specialist Associates appointed, before officially commencing business at the end of 1999.

The first clients came through Anthony’s network of friends and colleagues.  And as the business developed those clients began to refer others to First Samuel.

And client referrals remain the primary source of new business.

Strength to strength

Since then, First Samuel has grown steadily, moving premises twice to meet ever-growing client demand.  During this time the company has successfully managed its clients’ interests through a range of adverse financial events including those caused by the Tech-Wreck; the Second Gulf War, economic downturns; the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis. 

Today, First Samuel’s business is the same as it was when it commenced in 1999.  It has not succumbed to the temptation to grow quickly or to grow into related financial services.  It has resisted offers to commoditise our investment expertise into managed funds.  It has resisted commission led inducements to introduce our clients to others.

And continued to provide our clients with a service that has clarity. 

And allows them to live well and sleep well.