Wry & Dry

  • 8th May 2020 May 8

    Stimulus. Worse than a bullet in the head? Home schooling.

    Stimulus. Such a tricky word. In the arid world of economists, where a single digit change in an arcane forecast can cause unbounded excitement, stimulus describes boosts to an economy by governments.

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  • 1st May 2020 May 1

    Bad hair week. China: Arctic power? Barnaby.

    If V-W-V-Trump thinks that injecting corona-virus patients with disinfectants might cure them, what does he do if Melania complains of a headache (a real headache, not a "No. I've got a headache" headache)?

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  • 24th April 2020 Apr 24

    As Warren predicted. Negative oil price? How does that work? President Chuck.

    “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats..." Trump astutely noticed that Iran has a world's first: flying gunboats. These are a hybrid of usual gunboats and Persian magic (i.e. flying) carpets.

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  • 3rd April 2020 Apr 3

    Tsar Vlad tackles CV-19. WFM. Chickens coming home

    Who would be the first sufferer of RDS to break ranks and come out with his/her/non-binary comment on CV-19? Close. But no cigar. Former clothes-horse and foreign minister Julie Bishop finally couldn't resist the temptation.

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