Wry & Dry

Bye-bye, Bernie

It's with some sorrow that W&D observes the failure of Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic Party candidature for the President.  This may seem weird to many readers as Sanders holds many values that W&D finds abhorrent: big government; protectionism; tax-and-spend; etc.

But, if nothing else, Bernie is authentic.  To W&D's mind he has been the only candidate who believed what he said.  And said what he meant*.

Which is probably why he enjoyed massive support from university students and lasted so long in a race the result of which always seemed a foregone conclusion.

Sure, to be authentic is not difficult for an extremist to do.  But, wow, for a 74 year old with hair like Mick Jagger and a body to suit, the boy has done well.

Sanders How about some of these policies, about each of which he has been consistent:

Tax:  top marginal tax rate of 90%; top income tax bracket of 52%.

Infrastructure:   spend $1 trillion over 5 years

Trade:  opposes all free trade agreements

Workplace:  'major industries should be publicly owned and controlled by the workers.'


But Bernie hasn't gone down without a fight.  Having lost the battle for the numbers at the upcoming Democratic Convention**, Bernie and his supporters still will not concede.  They're as stubborn as the donkey that is the Democrat Party mascot.

Bernie cannot win the nomination.  And if by some administrative and rhetorical fluke he did (by convincing the majority of the 'super delegates' to vote for him rather than for Clinton), he wouldn't win the election.  

By not conceding, Sanders would squander any goodwill he has earned among many Democrats over the past year, embitter his supporters, set back Clinton’s efforts to unify the party, and weaken her prospects in November.

And he may cause more of a microscope to be placed on his own political contribution.  Bernie has been an independent member of Congress (he is not even a member of the Democratic Party) for 25 years and has sponsored just three bills that became law.

Better take W&D's advice, Bernie, and leave gracefully.

And Bernie may deny it, but staying in the race would assist the real enemy; that evil man of capitalism: Donald Trump.

*And as any child will continue: "...an elephant's faithful one hundred per cent."  Dr Seuss: Horton Hatches the Egg.  Noting of course, that the Republican's mascot is the elephant.

**Philadelphia, 25-28th July.  The Republican convention will be one week earlier in Cleveland.