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Parisians have easiest work week

W&D has always admired Parisians for their ability to get the most out of life.  And the reason for this success is that they have more opportunity to get a lot out of life than any other city folk, anywhere.

The recently released UBS survey of Price and earnings 2015 shows that the average working week in Paris is the lowest in the world, at just above 30 hours per week.  Bonus - they also get six weeks paid annual leave.

And, mon dieu, employers in the French technology sector cannot contact employees after hours.  

Paris work

There are few surprises as to which cities have the longest working week.  And W&D is not sure that the amenity of either Hong Kong, Mumbai or Dubai would meet with Mrs W&D approval.

What does surprise W&D is that Muscovites also have a leisurely week.  But given a choice between Paris and Moscow, Mrs W&D might opt for Paris, notwithstanding Moscow's deeper history.