Wry & Dry

Trump Tattoos

W&D has never been concerned, too much, with what wannabee politicians say.  The aim is to get elected.

"Whatever it takes", is the mantra.

One can always change one's mind about from what was used as the worm-on-the-election-hook to something, post-election, that is actually sensible.  Or might work.

W&D is drawn to consider the more extreme example of this: the US presidential race (although the Australian political landscape does have The Greens).   But W&D is not really concerned about Ms Clinton's increasingly left-wing pronouncements - she is being dragged to the left by an extreme left-wing opponent (the irrepressible and avuncular Bernie Sanders).  Ms Clinton will move back to the centre once she wins the Democrat nomination.  

From there she will probably win the election by being as boring as an inert minor moon predictably circling a predictably orbiting dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt*.

In the Republican camp, however, the situation is more complex.  Because of Meteor Trump. 

Republican voter issuesW&D considers that Meteor Trump is using the terrorism issue (after the Paris, California and Brussels attacks) to lead his campaign, when in fact, he has little real interest in managing the problem.  

He just wants to be President Trump.  Whatever it takes.

His only anti-terrorism solution, banning Muslims from entering the US, doesn't seem to be a policy that will work.  Either to stop terrorism itself or indeed to stop Muslims from entering the US. 

Unless, of course, Trump manages to introduce a mandatory global faith-identification regime.  W&D is a modest student of history and recalls the last regime that tried something like this.

But if it did operate (and in view of the popularity of tattoos, perhaps by means of some skin art on the forehead), W&D can imagine the ease with which immigration officials at the 88 US international airports (Muslims, of course, only arrive by plane) will check the 75 million or so non-resident arrivals into the US each year**.

These faith-identification marks might be called 'Trump Tattoos'.

*   A region of the solar system beyond Neptune and home to three recognised dwarf planets: Pluto, Haumea and Makemake.

** 2014.  Source: US National Travel and Tourism Office.