Wry & Dry

Pork for Red July votes

W&D's memory of that exciting cold war movie Hunt For Red October (in which Sean Connery played a defecting Commander of a Soviet nuclear powered and armed submarine) had been as dormant as a torch battery when the power fails.    

Red October 2

But the hitherto dormant memory cells surged with electrical significance when PM Chief Sitting Turnbull announced, 67 days before a federal election, that we-the-taxpayer would spend $50 billion on the construction of 12 submarines.  

To be built by a shipyard that, according to the previous Defence Minister, "couldn't build a canoe" but was located in a state where there are a number of marginal government seats.  And in a state from where the Industry Minister comes. 

But wait, there's more.  Department of Defence modelling showed that building the submarines in Australia would cost 30% more than if built overseas.  The figure was confirmed by the Rand Corporation.

W&D has skillfully joined the dots, to produce...