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New Zilanders to remain in top 10 of happiness

Readers will recall two weeks ago W&D astutely observed that eight of the top ten countries with the happiest people had national flags with a cross of some sort.  Hence, the unassailable conclusion that to be a happy country, a flag with a cross on it was a good start.

New Ziland, with a cross in the top-left-hand corner, was in the top ten.  Further, that there was serious risk of New Ziland dropping out of the top ten if the proposal to change its flag (to apparently something with an agricultural emblem, but not a cross) succeeded.

Well, put your fears of unhappiness across the Tasman to rest.  New Zilanders last week voted (57% to 43%) to retain the incumbent flag - the one with a cross in the top left hand corner.    

NZ flag

...was preferred to...

NZ flag 2

Hence, logically, guaranteeing future happiness for New Zilanders.

But W&D noted an apathetic attitude to the flag-change referenda.  Only 49% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the short-listing process.  And just 67% in the final referendum (of the winner of the first referendum versus the incumbent).  

Shearing season?     

[1]  Shrove Tuesday is 47 days before Easter Sunday and is a moveable feast based on the cycles of the moon.  The date can be anywhere between 3rd February and 9th March inclusive.  In 2016 it was on 9th February.  W&D remembers Shrove Tuesday as 'Pancake Day'.

[2]  Source: sportsbet.com.au  

[3]  The agreement was signed in 1985 on the Princesse Marie-Astrid boat, on the Moselle river, near the town of Schengen in Luxembourg.  There were originally five signatories: France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.  Readers will probably know that the boat was named for Marie-Astrid Liliane Charlotte Leopoldine Wilhelmine Ingeborg Antonia Elizabeth Anne Alberte Nassau, Princess of Luxembourg, eldest daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium.  

[4]  Countries that are not members of the EU but are part of the Schengen area include Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. W&D is relieved that Iceland has an open border with the rest of the EU, allowing easy access for refugees to settle there.  

[5]  Click here for Global Demographics' report

[6]  Source: ABS, Mar-16.