Wry & Dry

Napoleon Turnbull backs greater competition

W&D is a consumer, par excellence.  And likes choice and competition.  And therefore detests the three groups that stifle competition: big business; big unions and big government.

And so is pleased that not only has Napoleon Turnbull made his second decision in as many weeks, but also delights that it's one that will enhance competition.  The recommendations of the Harper Competition Review do not touch unions, but do affect business (of all sizes) and government, especially state governments.

Former Prime Minister Peta Credlin shelved the Harper Review, obviously fearing that "here be dragons".   Big business had approved all of the Harper recommendations, except the so-called 'effects' test i.e. anything that has the effect of reducing competition is anti-competitive, whether it is intended to be anti-competitive or not.  And, good grief, they howled at that part of the recommendation.  They said, and say, it will be bad for their business.  All too hard for Ms Credlin.

Well, Turnbull has not only dragged the Review from the shelf, but also over-turned Credlin's refusal to accept the 'effects' test recommendation.  W&D applauds.  

As a W&D aside, state governments have kept pretty quiet about the whole thing.  Why?  Because even if they support some or all of the recommendations, they are sure to seek 'compensation' from the federal government for implementation of their bits.

As Paul Keating famously said, "never stand between a state treasurer and a bucket of money."  Or, in this case, the possibility of a bucket of money.