Wry & Dry

The Ridiculous Fees Act

The US produces some of the more ridiculous things on the planet.  Witness their Presidential election system, which has a good chance of throwing-up a certifiable lunatic to become Leader Of The Free-World.  

But sometimes there emerges things that give W&D a glimmer of hope that there are Good Things happening.  Or might happen.  

The following is true.

Two members of the US Senate are sponsoring a bill called the 'Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act'.  The bill, nicknamed FAIR, would ban fees that are not 'reasonable and proportional to the costs involved.'

W&D considers this to be a highly commendable move.  And one that Napoleon Turnbull might introduce into Australia.  This would have the win-win outcome for Turnbull of a) being seen to make his second policy decision in the 177 days since becoming PM; and b) having a policy that would have broad community support.  Except from William Shorten, who would oppose it because, well, err, it wasn't his idea.

But W&D fears that the chances of the Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act being legislated in the US are about the same as Maria Sharapova taking up Australian football.  Nonetheless, W&D imagines...