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Born in the ... somewhere else

W&D has been intrigued by the foundation of wannabee US President Trump's xenophobia.  Some 13% of Americans are born outside of the US, the vast majority from Mexico (3.8% of the total population).  The next largest migrant group are born in China, making up 0.65% of the total population.    

So, 13% born outside the US.  And Trump's favourite un-favourite group, Mexican-born are only 3.8% of the population.  So how does Australia compare?  Follow the chart-flow:

1. Migrants

2. Migrants

3. Migrants

So, there you have it.  Ignoring the Vatican City, UAE and tax-havens like Monaco, Australia has the highest proportion of overseas-born residents.  W&D hastens to add that figure doesn't necessarily mean the most 'multi-cultural' country, as W&D would argue that there is a certain mono-cultural-ness about the 'Anglos'.  

Nonetheless, it's a pretty good basis for innovative restaurants.

The bigger statistic is the average age of the foreign born population.  The overseas born Brits, Italians and Germans are dying out, as it were.  The future belongs to the Indians, Chinese and Malaysians.   W&D enjoys this: integration is high, as is the work ethic.

W&D's point: what fear is Trump peddling?