Wry & Dry

President Trump and The Button.

W&D has seen a child confronted by an elevator or pedestrian-light button.  The child's thought is, "I wonder what will happen if I push that button?"  Against the urging of the parent, the child will push the button.  Again and again.

Walk with W&D awhile, on this...

As the US presidential contest meanders along its painful path, W&D continues to be astounded by the embrace of the American public with a certifiable sociopath.  At the current rate, Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate.

And with a following wind (mostly his own) might become the 45th president of the Yoo Ess Ay.  

Trump is seen as a sort of political saviour from the morass of mainstream politics and politicians.  And the masses like a political saviour, who promises amazing things.

Trouble is, there is only one Trump.  He cannot be President and both houses of Congress at the one time.  Consider Trump's economic isolationism.  When asked how he might stop Ford Motor Company moving a factory to Mexico, he responded "I wouldn't let it happen."  And if they did he would unilaterally impose a 35% tariff on "every car, every truck, every part that you bring across the border."

Run that past W&D again, Mr President.  You are going to rule by decree?  W&D is not sure that the Constitooshun of the Yoo Ess Ay allows this.

Trump has this fantasy of power, that is truly a fantasy.  And, beheld by his rhetoric, charisma, bullying or plain bare-faced lying, no-one seems to be holding him to account for it.  And certainly not the besotted media, who lurv the copy that Trump is providing.

The fact is that to do almost anything, the President must work with Congress.  President Trump alone would be virtually powerless.  Save for... [W&D thinks]... pushing the nuclear button.  

Nuclear 2

Hang on.  Good grief.  A child will always want to push the button.  Trump can push the button.  Aaaggghh.  Dr Strangelove!