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From the mouth of...

"He is a bright and talented person without any doubt. He is the absolute leader of the presidential race.”

-       Tsar Vladimir Putin, of Russia, speaking of US Wannabee President, Donald Trump.

Tsar Vlad wouldn't know what to make of things if Trump became president. If Trump walks as he talks, the world might become hotter, as it were.

Recap of First Samuel events for 2015

MAY JH Variety colour logo on white VERT 300dpi Copy  Charity: Eat Street More than 30 leading restaurants and wineries showcased delicious food and wine at this year’s Eat Street event all in support of Variety – the children’s charity. First Samuel has been a proud supporter of this event for 13 years.
MAY - JUNE            CIOT     FY-15 CIO Strategy Update Dinners We were concerned to ensure that clients were fully apprised of our recent portfolio strategy changes.  And so held three special CIO Dinners were held in addition to the FY-15 series.
AUGUST CTG  Art Series: Catherine the Great - Masterpieces from the Hermitage  Almost 200 First Samuel clients and guests enjoyed cocktails and then a private viewing of the 'Masterpieces from the Hermitage' exhibition, held at the National Gallery of Victoria.  The exhibition could only be described as stunning.  A number of guests pondered a trip to see the broader collection at The Hermitage (The Winter Palace), St Petersburg.
AUGUST TOW   Forum: Professor Ian Harper on the Competition Policy Review Professor Ian Harper’s enthusiastic and intelligent speech on the Competition Policy Review engaged and entertained a room of nearly 100 clients at our newly selected venue – Leonda by the Yarra.
SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER Dennison  FY-16 CIO Dinner Series Our CIO Dinners continue to be increasingly popular, with over 140 clients enjoying the opportunity to hear from our Chief Investment Officer – Dennison Hambling - and to mingle with other First Samuel Associates and Clients. Eight dinners were held in the FY-16 series in Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

The job market in Wayne County, Michigan, is apparently tough to crack, which led John Rose, 25, to the county sheriff’s office looking for a job.

He finished the paper application in November and was awaiting his interview when deputies called him back. As he walked through the door, he was arrested, since a routine check had turned up numerous outstanding charges in Kentucky including multiple counts of rape and sexual abuse.

(Detroit News) 

Government inaction

Charles Smith, 62, says he’ll be driving municipal buses for Broward County, Florida, until he retires in 2020, even though his record includes 14 accidents in a recent five-year period.

But that number of accidents is not enough for discipline, in that, according to union rules, not more than four labeled “preventable” were in any two consecutive years. 

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Things to worry about

Massachusetts became perhaps America’s most religiously advanced state in November when its Registry of Motor Vehicles implicitly granted official recognition to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

FSMs believe, generally, that hard evidence of God’s existence is no stronger than that of FSM’s existence.  Ms. Lindsay Miller of Lowell, Massachusetts, proudly displayed her driver’s license, whose photo is of Ms. Miller wearing a metal colander on her head--since a “religious” head covering is the only type permitted in official ID photos.

(Associated Press)

FSM’ers would, of course, be known as 'Pastafarians.'


Have a blessed Festive Season