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Americans choose gas guzzling over fuel efficiency

WD would never stand between the average Joe in the US and a cheap car/petrol deal.

US motor vehicle sales boomed in November, traditionally a slow month.  The sales of 1.3m cars was the best month for 14 years.  The driver, as it were, was the purchase - an astounding 59% of sales - of 'light trucks' e.g. SUVs and 'pick-ups'.  It seems as though the cheap price of petrol (about A$0.72 per litre - US fuel taxes are about one third of Australia's) has weaned Americans away from the fuel-efficient and back to the gas-guzzling. 

After last week's article, W&D posits that cheap petrol is Viagra to the average American Joe. 

US car sales

And notice the stone-motherless-last VW.  Could things get any worse?