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"Correction: An earlier version of this review missated a song lyric.  Adele sings, "Hello from the other siiiiiide," not "outsiiiiiide."

-       The New York Times website, on Wednesday.

W&D is glad that error was corrected.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

In Tampa, Florida a nine-year-old boy was caught passing a 'love note' to a girl on whom he had a crush.  The note said her 'eyes sparkled like diamonds'.

The schools' response was:

a)  Congratulate him on the imagery of his language;

b)  Suggest his technique is out of date and that he use Facebook instead;

c)  Suggest that she would have preferred flowers; or

d)  Threaten to charge him with sexual harassment if he repeated the offence.

Close.  But no cigar.  The correct answer is d).  The Hillsborough school was not amused, and "if he writes another note...will file sexual harassment charges". 

(WFTS Tampa Bay)

Things to worry about

In Fairbanks, Alaska, police held a tense five-hour standoff of a house.  Only to find that the house was empty.

The perp, wanted for car theft, was long-gone.

(Alaska Dispatch News) 

Government in action (vintage edition)

To boost morale, the Army Materiel Command recently held a contest to name its new national headquarters. More than 524 names were suggested, and the AMC's official Contest Committee to Name the New Building solemnly studied the offerings.

At last, Maj. Gen. Charles T. Horner, the AMC chief of staff, announced with pride: "The name of the new AMC building is the AMC BUILDING." The lucky winner, Francis Sikorski, received $100 in appropriated monies for his shrewd suggestion.

(Warren Times-Mirror - 15-Jan-73)

'Materiel' means is the equipment or supplies used in military supply-chain management.

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