Wry & Dry

Refugees: now a mass migration

W&D is always reluctant to trespass on areas outside economics, business and markets. But the issue of refugees from Syria is gigantic in Europe. And deserves a comment.

Because the numbers are so large and the source-circumstances so unremittingly unchanging, this now has the hallmarks of the mass-migration of peoples, rather than of a few escaping persecution.

The scale might become similar to the migration of millions of European peasants to the US in the 19th century. But the US, as it was, was then under-populated. And migrants generally welcomed.

But the average European now sees that Europe is not under-populated. And nor are these migrants welcome.

There is a lot more to this increasing humanitarian disaster. Certainly, the economic ramifications of this mass migration will be felt for years. But the political and sociological outcomes may see a fracturing of communities, as it were.