Wry & Dry

London and life

"...when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."[1]. Wry & Dry is far from being tired of life. Although the idea of a painless, red-wine induced end-to-it-all fleetingly crosses W&D’s mind as a way to truncate observing the wretched and ignoble demise of Australian political leadership, will and courage.

And so W&D has fled to London, via San Francisco, Seattle and New York (and soon Zurich, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong). It’s an annual sort of thing: to talk to investors, bankers, clients and observers of life. And exchange avoiding the rail strikes in Melbourne for avoiding the rail strikes in London.

Other than some share-market volatility, there the similarity ends. Both the US and UK are booming and confidence is high. Although the increasing popularity of Donald Trump as a US presidential candidate has more than a few New Yorkers choking on their bagels.

W&D sees that Trump's claim to bookies' favourite as the US' next most powerful politician is based solely on the reason that he is not one.

So this week's somewhat abbreviated W&D (there is a shortened Business News section) has a somewhat northern-hemispherical shape about it. Some thoughts…