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Last words...

"Yes, we would be looking at that."

-  Donald Trump, US wannabee President, when asked if he would recognise Russia’s annexation of Crimea and lift US sanctions on Moscow.

W&D is not worried.  There is little evidence that Trump knows where Crimea is.

First Samuel client events calendar

Tue-16-Aug Investment Forum & cocktail party

Saul Eslake.  

"The New World of Economic Disrupters: From Brexit to Trump"

Presentation by leading economist and First Samuel client

Leonda by the Yarra
Aug - Nov (dates TBC) FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series A series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer Various restaurants in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

A demonstrator at the Democratic National Convention decided to protest by burning a flag.

But things got out of hand when the lighter fluid splashed over herself.  And so up she went, as it were.  Well her clothes did.


She wasn't badly burned.  And neither was the flag.

Not clear on the concept

Mrs. Joseph Gazik of Hartford Connecticut, got a divorce after she said her husband liked cats so much that every time she asked him to get rid of them, he suggested that she leave instead.

So she did.  Mr Gazik didn't appear in court. He stayed home with his cats — all 20 of them.

(The Daily Courier)

What could possibly go wrong?

The Democratic National Convention has just concluded in Philadelphia. The last time the Democrats held their convention in that city was back in 1948, when they nominated Harry S. Truman as the Democratic candidate. 

It was a memorable convention in a number of ways (the first televised one, for instance), but among weird-news types it's remembered as the Convention where they decided to release 48 doves inside the convention hall. 

The trouble was that the birds had been cooped up inside a cage for hours, in sweltering conditions.  When released those that were still alive flew straight for the cool air of the rotating ceiling fans.  

Say no more...

(from The Decatur Daily Review - 1948)


Have a wry and dry weekend