Wealth Intelligence

  • Mar 15

    Investment clarity

    Two matters worth noting are...

    1. Don’t be spooked by a negative share-market quarter.

    2. There are three sources of investment return. Don’t miss out on the third. Read More
  • Jan 27

    A better way to manage international shares

    Same underlying investments but reduced cost and easier execution

    The old and the new – a measured change

    Many of our clients have international shares as one of their investment sectors. For many years this investment was achieved by use of a managed fund operated by Vanguard, the large US investment manager, with their Index International Shares Fund.

    In 2015, Vanguard introduced an easier and cheaper way to achieve the same investment. This is done by using what is known as an ‘Exchange Traded Fund’ (ETF). Simply, an ETF is a managed fund that is traded on a stock exchange. Read More
  • Jan 13

    The share-market: It ‘feels’ worse than it is.

    Key points:

    1. Ignore the screaming headlines. Your share-portfolio is not the share-market. So focus on your portfolio. It is in much better shape than the market.

    2. And the share-market is now just back to where it was in the middle of December. And at the end of September.

    3. But the ride may be bumpy, as ‘feelings’ over-ride reality for a little while. Read More
  • Nov 19

    The longer term consequences of the ‘hunt for yield’ means ...

    ... the ‘disappearance of growth’

    With such low interest rates as currently exist, investors have understandably turned their attention to finding alternative sources of income to supplement their much reduced term deposit and interest income.

    To the extent that investors have been keen to move into higher yielding equities, the companies themselves have been keen to oblige and have themselves turned on the dividend taps to red hot.

    Consider this ... Read More