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Laughable: WA's Potato Marketing Corporation charges farmer for growing too many potatoes

In an action reminiscent of Stalin's centralised planning for the Soviet Union's agriculture, the WA Potato Marketing Corporation has charged farmer Tony Galati with growing too many potatoes!  And the WA Supreme Court has upheld the charge.

The PMC's purpose is to protect the vested interests of the cottage tuber-growing industry from consumers.   And this it does by employing potato police to search premises and vehicles suspected of carrying potatoes.

But wait.  It gets worse!  In return for a $500m handout from the federal government, the WA government agreed in May to abolish the PMC by 2017.  But the potato police want to get Mr Galati, who has been waging war on them for 20 years. 

By the way, this is one of the textbook micro-reform issues that Professor Ian Harper used to highlight the need for greater competition in Australia.  So, readers, don't just laugh at this, there are plenty more example of ludicrous anti-competitive laws.