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Last words...

"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."

-  Donald Trump, US President, on the ongoing belligerence of North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong-un.

W&D finds Tsar Trump's "fire and fury" words quite evocative.  Unlike his normal clumsy prose.  Which leads W&D to consider that he didn't think up this line.  

First Samuel client events calendar

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Chief Investment Officer Dinners
Invitations upcoming
Tue-12-Sep Frasers, Perth  Invitations sent
Tue-10-Oct Centenove, Kew  
Wed-11-Oct Donovans, StKilda Lunch or dinner
Wed-25-Oct Quaff, Toorak  
Tue-14-Nov Centenove, Kew  
Wed-22-Nov Donovans, StKilda Lunch or dinner
Tue-28-Nov Elyros, Camberwell  
Wed-29-Nov Bottega, Melbourne CBD  
Tue-24-Oct Stillwater at Crittenden Estate  

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the B Cup

A Chinese restaurant has come under fire for offering discounts to women depending on their cup size.  Local people complained to the council after seeing posters advertising discounts for the Trendy Shrimp restaurant at a mall in Hangzhou, the main city of coastal Zhejiang province.  The company's adverts showed a line-up of cartoons of women in their underwear.  It listed discounts for women depending on their cup size, with greater offers available to women with bigger cups.

W&D is struggling to join the dots on this.  Sure, there is a link between a restaurant and cups: it's clearly a soup restaurant.  But how does underwear come into it?

(Qianjiang Evening Post)

Guess the outcome

A retired corporate executive paid an elite dating agency, Kelleher International, USD150,000 to find her perfect (male) partner.  The woman:

a.  found her ideal partner after the first date;

b.  after five horrible introductions gave up, and turned; 

c.  after five horrible introductions gave up, and went back to her first husband; or

d.  after five horrible introductions gave up.  And lawyered-up.

Close.  But no cigar.  The correct answer is d.  Suiters included a disgraced New York Supreme Court judge, a man who passed out from a heart ailment on their first date, and one potential paramour who purportedly told her he was waiting on his terminally ill wife to die before re-entering the dating pool.

(UK Telegraph)

Bonus:  Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Kelleher's chief executive is a former actress who appeared in Baywatch and Melrose Place.

Only in America

In the wake of their sexual assault and sexual harassment scandals, Uber's board forced out Travis Kalanick and decided it was time for a female CEO.

After months of searching, their shortlist is now down to... three men


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