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Last words...

"There is no White House chaos."

-  Donald Trump, US President, on the firing of his communications director, who had been hired 10 days earlier.

W&D understands that Seek.com has opened a new employment category: So Temporary You Won't Have Time To Find The Cafeteria.  

First Samuel client events calendar

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Chief Investment Officer Dinners
Invitations upcoming
Tue-8-Aug ARIA, Brisbane  Invitations sent
Wed-9-Aug ARIA, Sydney  Invitations sent
Tue-12-Sep Frasers, Perth  Invitations sent
Tue-10-Oct Centenove, Kew  
Wed-11-Oct Donovans, StKilda Lunch or dinner
Wed-25-Oct Quaff, Toorak  
Tue-14-Nov Centenove, Kew  
Wed-22-Nov Donovans, StKilda Lunch or dinner
Tue-28-Nov Elyros, Camberwell  
Wed-29-Nov Bottega, Melbourne CBD  
Tue-24-Oct Stillwater at Crittenden Estate  

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

A man broke into a home in Esperance, Western Australia, and being thirsty, checked out the the fridge.  And found it was full of France's finest.  And decided to try the bubbly.  And liked.  So he had some more.  And more.  And fell asleep.

And so didn't hear the owner come home.  Nor the police, until they woke him.  Burglary charges.    


Guess the outcome

Christina Gaud, 30, had agreed with her pal Rodney Snow to rob a convenience store.  But Christina couldn't find a babysitter for her 10 year old child.  Did she:

a.  phone Rodney and call off the robbery;

b.  ask her parents to mind the child, telling them she had a hot date; 

c.  leave the child alone, at home; or

d.  bring the child along to the robbery.

Close.  But no cigar.  The correct answer is d.  The child stayed in the car, driven by Christina, whilst Rodney robbed the store.  But the cops were nearby.  And arrested Christina on charges of felony child neglect and principal to armed robbery.  The child was not injured.  Rodney ended up in hospital as he shot himself.

(Palm Beach Post)

Only in America

In the US, Coca-Cola Co. is set to replace Coke Zero, which contains zero sugar, with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which contains zero sugar.


W&D is glad that is clear.  Bonus: both non-sugar beverages contain artificial sweeteners.  

Have a wry and dry weekend