Wry & Dry


Last words...

"I've met Donald Trump and he seemed like a perfectly reasonable type person when I met him."

  -  Bronwyn Bishop, former Speaker of the House.

Most sociopaths are perfectly reasonable type people on first meeting.

First Samuel client events calendar

Wed-27- Jul Art Series Degas: A New Vision.  Reception and private viewing - Invitations sent National Gallery of Victoria
Tue-16-Aug Investment Forum & cocktail party Saul Eslake.  Presentation by leading economist and First Samuel client Leonda by the Yarra
Aug - Nov (dates TBC) FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series A series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer Various restaurants in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney


Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

Unclear on the concept

Prolancia Turner, 26, was arrested on May 13th at Vero Beach (Florida) Outlets mall after she allegedly walked out of a Claire’s store with unpaid-for earrings tucked into her waistband.

Police reported her “crying and angry” and complaining that, “Everyone steals from this store. Why are you picking on me?”

(The Smoking Gun)

Only in America (once upon a time...)

Texas State Republican. Jim Kaster filed a bill that would have required criminals to give their victims twenty-four hours notice before they committed a crime.

Argued Kaster, "Obviously the criminal is not going to do it, but this would be another punishment that could be added to the penalty."

(Arizona Republic - January 1973)

No surprise, the bill was defeated.

Everyone thinks that everyone deserves a second chance (unless, of course, you are the victim) 

(1) Efrain Delgado-Rosales was sentenced to five years in prison in March for smuggling non-citizens into the US.  The Border Patrol had caught him 23 times previously but had declined to file charges.

(2) Sean Pelfrey, 38, told his judge in May that the two assault charges against him in Framingham, Massachusetts, do not make him any “threat to society,” even though the current arrest was his 38th.

(3) Matthew Freeland, 29, was convicted of several home-invasion offenses in Kingston, Ontario, in May, and the judge, considering a proper sentence, found only two previous probation orders.  But then, looking further, found 59 convictions.  And sentenced Freeland to more than two years in prison. 

(CNN, Metro-West Daily News, The Whig)

Have a wry and dry weekend