Wry & Dry

Brexit: does it matter? Microsoft's punt. Latest election betting.

Wry & Dry's chin was about to hit his chest, with the normally busy W&D brain cells being atrophied this week with market/ political/ economic somnolence.

But then, by jolly, by jingo, by crikey! Donald Trump reopened his mouth after a well-earned rest; the markets took fright at the possibility of a Brexit*; Australia's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.7% and the rating agency Standard & Poors again alerted Australians to the possibility of Australia's credit rating being downgraded from its current AAA status.  Not that either major political party gives a toss.

Of those, this week W&D looks at only Brexit - does it really matter? And why something had to cause the share-market to fall - it just happened to be Brexit polls.  But also the incomprehensible (to W&D) world of social media: why would a technology company (Microsoft) get into it?  

Follow The Money sees a sudden surge in favourites, as two of last week's three firming bets (Clinton and Turnbull) firmed even more.  Against the odds, Brexit firmed.

And, of course, Miscellany, to soothe your troubled mind.

Our sister publication, Investment Matters notes that the stock-market is heading for a 0% return for FY-16.  And that includes dividends.  As well as Company News and other investment insights.

Read on, wryly and dryly.

*  Brexit is the possible exit of Britain from the European Union (EU).  Similarly to Grexit, the possible exit of Greece from the EU.  Similarly to Clexit, the certain exit of Clive Palmer from federal parliament.