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Last words...

W&D continues with The Best of Clive, fondly remembering some of Clive Palmer's best argued and consistent pronouncements.

"The Palmer United Party will field candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats."

  -  Clive Palmer  13th May 2015

"@PalmerUtdParty is contesting the seat of Herbert but doesn't intend to stand in other House of Reps seats at this stage."

  -  Clive Palmer 23rd May 2016

First Samuel client events calendar

Wed-27- Jul Art Series Degas: A New Vision.  Reception and private viewing National Gallery of Victoria
Tue-16-Aug Investment Forum & cocktail party Saul Eslake.  Presentation by leading economist and First Samuel client Leonda by the Yarra
Aug - Nov (dates TBC) FY-17 CIO Investment Dinner Series A series of intimate client dinners with investment presentations by Dennison Hambling, First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer Various restaurants in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney


Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

The Daily Pakistan newspaper, covering the Anti-Terrorism Court in Karachi in April, reported that a judge in Courtroom III asked a constable if he knew how the grenade (entered into evidence) worked.

Rather than assume that an explanation was requested, the constable pulled the pin to demonstrate, and the resulting explosion injured the constable, a court clerk, and another police officer.

(Daily Pakistan)

DCM (Don't Come Monday)? 

Religious messages

An Israeli man (unidentified in press reports) petitioned the Haifa Magistrate’s Court recently for a restraining order against God, pointing out that the Almighty has exhibited “a seriously negative attitude toward him,” especially over the previous three years.

The judge rejected the petition even though God was not present to argue against it (or at least His presence could not be detected).

(Times of Israel) 

Can't possibly be true

Religious leaders associated with the Quiverfull ministry (a movement of conservative fundamental Christians that promotes procreation) announced intentions for a November retreat this year in Wichita, Kansas, at which parents will meet to plan “arranged” Christian marriages for their prepubescent daughters, to maximize the future couples’ childbearing potential.

Quiverfull activist Vaughn Ohlman has written that female fertility is optimal during their teens ('just after age 12') and drops off in their 20s. The local district attorney said such marriages are legal as long as all parties consent-but Ohlman has maintained that the Bible does not require the bride’s consent if her father has given his. 

(Whichita Eagle)

Have a wry and dry weekend