Wry & Dry

Didn't sell in May? Paris' short week. Oil and shares.

So much for Wry & Dry's 'sell in May and go away' mantra. The end of May saw the third consecutive month of share-market gains, up a pleasant 11.1% since the end of February.  But that still leaves the market up just 4.4% for the FYTD.  Not that W&D is complaining.

But W&D will complain about the 'state of the nation'.  Good grief, it used to be that just Australia Day brought out all the whingers.  Well, put on a two month election campaign and listen to the whining and moaning drivel.

So W&D will do readers a favour.  And, in this truncated issue (W&D is out of the office), look overseas for inspiration, if one can call it that.  For example it comes as no surprise that Parisians have the shortest work week anywhere in the world; or that Venezuela is about to be cut off from the rest of the world by air.  For the intellectually minded readers, W&D looks at a link between the change in the price of oil on any day and the change in the S&P 500.   

But the constants of May have rolled into June: the shrill voice of Ms Clinton and the abusive tone of Mr Trump.

Follow The Money again captures the mood of the punters.  And, of course, Miscellany, to soothe your troubled mind.

Read on, wryly and dryly.