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Last words...

“I know Russia well.  I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago - Miss Universe contest.” 

-       Donald Trump

...which event would give amazing insight into Russia, its history and its role in the world.  Readers will know, of course, that Miss Universe 2013 was held in Moscow.  Miss Ukraine came in 9th, Miss Russia didn't make the cut.

At the event announcement, Trump said that having the pageant in Russia, "...will bring our two countries closer together".

First Samuel client events calendar

Events 13 5 16 Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Sophia Sanchez, 27, was charged with intentionally crashing her car into her boyfriend’s in April in Riverside, Illinois.

According to police, the couple had been arguing the night before, and Sanchez said she felt she had to crash into his car so that he would talk to her. 

(WLS-TV Chicago)

W&D cannot possibly imagine a man not wanting 'to talk about it'.

Least competent cops

Motorist Rebecca Musarra was stopped for speeding in October 2015 by state troopers in New Jersey, and dutifully handed over her license, insurance, and registration but declined to answer the troopers’ “do you know why we stopped you” questions.

Annoyed at her silence, troopers Matthew Stazzone and Demetric Gosa threatened several times, with increasing aggressiveness (according to dashboard video), to arrest Musarra for “obstruction.”

Musarra pointed out that, as nearly every American knows, she has the right to remain silent.

The troopers nonetheless arrested her (then recited, of course, her “right to remain silent”). After nearly two hours back at the station, a supervisor offered a weak apology and released her.


Musarra, a lawyer, did what any modern American lawyer would do.  She filed a federal lawsuit.

Unclear on the concept

Peter Jensen of Athol, Idaho, filed a lawsuit against the state Transportation Department in April after his driving privileges were revoked because his car had no license plate.

For the inconvenience, he believes he deserves $5.6 million in damages (gold and silver only, please) because, for example, there is nothing about “license plates” in the Ten Commandments



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