Wry & Dry

The slow death of print newspapers

W&D enjoys sitting at his local cafe (the delightful Finders Keepers, in Hawthorn) on a Saturday morning, quietly sipping a vein-filling piccolo latte and reading the wisdom of journalists from just two of the four Saturday newspapers.

(Quietly, that is, until any or all of W&D's children stomp in, demanding vast breakfasts at W&D's expense.  Or otherwise pick his pocket for 'loose-change' of the folding variety.)

Sadly, in a few years time, whilst the piccolo latte (and the sprogs) may still be there, the newspapers may not.

The latest figures from the newspapers' watchdog, the Audit Bureau of Circulation, is alarming.  Just one newspaper, and a Saturday edition at that, increased print sales over the year to the end of March.

NewspapersAlready, the CEO of Fairfax has foreshadowed that within 12 months the main Fairfax dailies (The Age and Sydney Morning Herald) will cease to be printed Monday to Friday.

Which will cause W&D much grief.  Fairfax newspapers had one clear advantage over other daily papers: sporting coverage.  Where will W&D find the critical sporting news of the day?

More generally, readers may also be keen to read First Samuel's Chief Investment Officer Dennison Hambling's article in today's Investment Matters: New Media versus Old Media.  Just click on the arrow at the end of W&D to be taken to Investment Matters.  But W&D is getting ahead of himself...