Wry & Dry

Elections: like death and taxes

Well, the early July election, it was as inevitable as death and taxes.  And just as welcome.

Death and taxes

Napoleon Turnbull started on the back foot (the one with the bullet hole in it) after the craftily designed superannuation changes were given the thumbs down by the court of public opinion.  Wry & Dry again argues the case for the application of commonsense - see more, below.

W&D is nothing if not an ecumenical thinker.  And so this week canvases the broader and bigger issues of: more Wall Street trickery; whether Australia's low interest rates will temp investors to look only at the cheap cost of finance and ignore the worthiness of the investment; and the decline of newspapers.

And, of course, updates the punter in all of us with Follow The Money.  Then follows with the lightly salted Miscellany.

Read on, wryly and dryly.