Wry & Dry

Trump's Pyrrhic victory

Wannabee President and certifiable lunatic Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's candidate.  W&D could spend a lot of time looking in the rear-view mirror analysing the road that was remarkable, entertaining and scary.  

Or expressing delight that the far-right religious extremist Ted Cruz was blown out of the water.

But it doesn't matter.

Trump is toast.

US electoral map

(A W&D word of explanation: each US state has a number of 'electoral college' votes, more-or-less proportional to the population of that state.  In all states except Maine and Nebraska, the candidate who gets the most votes (essentially greater than 50%) gets 100% of the electoral college votes.  Overlay the fact that most states will almost always fall to one side or another (e.g. California = Democrat, Texas = Republican), US presidential elections tend be decided in as little as five swing states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia). 

The above polling has Clinton ahead in each of the swing states.

Having stuck the W&D neck out, it is timely to note that in the 1980 presidential race, Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan in a similar pattern to that noted above.  But Reagan went on to win in a landslide of biblical proportions [3].