Wry & Dry

This week ...

Wry & Dry hits the news-stand at the end of a week that bulged with news like walnuts in budgie smugglers.  So bear with W&D in this bumper edition.  

The budget was flaccid, except for superannuation changes.  Two of which were clearly the product of a post-long-lunch task-force of bored public servants on defined-benefit government superannuation schemes sitting in an airy room with expansive views, high on dope and alcohol. 

[First Samuel clients: you will receive a more measured (and tailored) review after the budget dust has settled.  But in any case, do NOT make any more non-concessional contributions without firstly contacting your Strategist.]

More broadly, the RBA wasn't the first not to follow W&D's advice, and instead lowered interest rates.  Then there are Greece's problems now rising back above the radar; the clearly-visible-on-the-radar Trump's Pyrrhic victory [1]; and Coinage.  And, of course, 'Follow The Money', for the latest odds on the key political events of 2016. 

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