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Grezilian woes

W&D is excited.  The flame for South America's first Olympics was kindled yesterday, at the birthplace of the ancient games in Greece [2].  

olympic flame

Couldn't afford matches, so the sun's rays were used.  A 'High Priestess' (actually Greek actress, Katernina Lechou) lights the flame

The torch will be conveyed by some 12,000 torchbearers to Rio de Janeiro by 5th August.

Oh, the irony.  From bankrupt Greece to bankrupt Brazil.

Greece's woes will be familiar to readers.  Unemployment rate of 24.9%; debt/ GDP of 179% and an economy that has shrunk by 25% in recent years.  Although W&D notes that there was one month last year when its industrial production grew faster than any other European country. 

Meanwhile, south of the equator, Brazil's economy is spiraling down the plughole.   Unemployment has shot up to 10.2%;  the economy shrank 3.8% last year (and is expected to decline 3.5% this year) and inflation is running at close to 10% p.a.   

And Brazil's Lower House of Congress voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for allegedly hiding a budgetary deficit to win re-election in 2014.

But wait.  There's more.  There are mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.  Alligators have been breeding near the Olympic golf course.  And Rio's main Olympic waterways are so contaminated, experts say athletes will compete in the equivalent of raw sewage. 

Readers shouldn't be concerned, however.  W&D will bring up to date reports on the reception given to the Australian athletes' opening ceremony uniforms.