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Last words...

"...get off your backside and find a job."

-  Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister.

Responding to complaints that without 457 visas, some occupations won't be able to find workers.  W&D senses he is correct: W&D's local cafe boss employs backpackers and 457 workers because "locals just won't get out of bed early, to work."   

First Samuel client events calendar



Charity Event

Eat Street

This is Melbourne's most amazing food and wine fest.  All the proceeds of the event go to a charity.

Sofitel, Collins Street.

Invitations sent.


Art Series

NGV Winter Exhibition - First Samuel Private Viewing

Van Gogh and the Seasons

This will be a cocktail party followed by a private viewing.  Strictly clients only. 

NGV, St Kilda Road.

Invitations sent.


Education Series

Annual Forum

This is our annual 'food for the brain' event.  Guest speaker to be confirmed.

Leonda, Hawthorn

Invitations upcoming.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

Government in action

Toronto, Ontario, Superior Court Justice Alex Pazaratz finally ridded his docket of the maddening, freeloading couple that had quibbled incessantly about each other's "harassments."

Neither Noora Abdulaali, 32, nor her now-ex-husband Kadhim Salih, 43, had worked a single day in the five years since they immigrated from Iraq, having almost immediately gone on disability benefits and begun exploiting Legal Aid Toronto in their many attempts to one-up each other with restraining orders.

Approving the couple's settlement in March, Judge Pazaratz added, "The next time anyone at Legal Aid Ontario tells you they're short of money, don't believe it. Not if they're funding cases like this."

(Toronto Sun)

Choose your victim carefully

Prince George's (Maryland, US) County police officer James Sims, 30, pleaded guilty to four counts of misdemeanor "visual surveillance with prurient interest" and in February was sentenced to probation.

His fourth event, said prosecutors, in a Sports Authority store, was taking an upskirt photo of a woman.  The victim, as Sims discovered, was also a cop. 

(Washington Post)

First world problems

The telephone "area" code in the toffee English city of Bath (01225) is different than that of the adjacent but of lesser distinction Radstock (01761).  And explained by landline telephone infrastructure.

However, a Bath councilwoman said in April that she is dealing with complaints by 10 new residents who paid high-end prices for their homes in Bath only to find that they came with the 01761 code. 


Bonus: Admitted one of the complaining new Bath residents, "I do consider my phone number to be part of my identity."

Have a wry and dry weekend