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Last words...

"We didn't use chemical weapons in World War Two. You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't descend to using chemical weapons.."

-  Sean Spicer, Tsar Trump's White house press secretary, suggesting that Syria's Bashar al-Assad had sunk lower than Hitler by using sarin gas in last week's attack in Syria, which killed more than 80 people including children.

Somehow ignoring the 6,000,000 Jewish victims of Hitler's chemical weapons. Sigh, W&D bets Mr Spicer still doesn't have a passport.   

First Samuel client events calendar



Charity Event

Eat Street

This is Melbourne's most amazing food and wine fest.  All the proceeds of the event go to a charity.

Sofitel, Collins Street.

Invitations sent.


Art Series

NGV Winter Exhibition - First Samuel Private Viewing

Van Gogh and the Seasons

This will be a cocktail party followed by a private viewing.  Strictly clients only. 

NGV, St Kilda Road.

Invitations sent.


Education Series

Annual Forum

This is our annual 'food for the brain' event.  Guest speaker to be confirmed.

Leonda, Hawthorn

Invitations upcoming.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Texas lawmakers through the years have seen fit to designate dozens of symbols, including:

  • pollinator (the western honey bee)
  • cooking implement (the cast-iron Dutch oven)
  • shell (the lightning whelk)
  • dog (Blue lacy)
  • dish (chilli)
  • grass (sideoats grama)
  • insect (Monarch butterfly)

... as the official whatever of Texas.

But this had to happen: a resolution to make the cannon the official state gun of Texas passed through a (Texas) senate committee hearing on Thursday, the first step toward the plan becoming law.

(The UK Guardian)

Bonus: But the cannon is up against stiff opposition: 1847 Colt Walker pistol and the Bowie knife.  Oh, dear.  

The nightly choice...

In March, Ghanian soccer player Mohammed Anas earned a "man of the match" award (after his two goals led the Free State Stars to a 2-2 draw).

But botched the acceptance speech by thanking both his wife and his girlfriend.

(UK Telegraph)

Always a tough call.

The passing parade

Two convicted murders imprisoned in Nepal married each other in February, though it will be at least 14 years before they can consummate.

Dilli Koirala, 33 (serving 20 years for killing his wife), and Mimkosha Bista, 30 (with another four years to go for killing her husband), will be allowed to meet (just to talk) twice a month until Koirala's term ends. 

(Republica - Katmandu)

A risk strategy, perhaps.

Have a wry and dry weekend