Wry & Dry

The search for Trump's statecraft

US Presidential wannabee, Donald Trump, has clearly stated his foreign policy:"the US should close up our borders until we figure out what's going on." This following the Brussels' bombings.

Statesmanship on the global stage is hard to come by these days.  Occasionally W&D is relieved to hear a glimmer from Angela Merkel or even John Key.  Former UK Conservative leader William Hague still has a strong grasp of the concept.


But each week W&D searches in vain for evidence of a mere slither, a slice, a scintilla of statecraft from Trump.

"...until we figure out what's going on" doesn't give W&D much hope.  Still, readers can be assured that W&D's quest for evidence of Trump's statecraft will continue.  And you will be first to know if any is found.

-       Anthony Starkins

[1]  Much will be written in the next few months about double dissolution elections.  W&D will not add to the confusion, except to remind readers that the first six senators (out of the 12 elected) to get their quota, i.e. 7.69%, elected from each state will sit for six years and the next six are elected for three years.  The terms of senators from the territories match House elections and so are a maximum of three years.

[2]  Former Labor Party Prime Minister, elected in 1972 after 23 years of Liberal/ Country Party (as it was then) rule.  Amazingly visionary but hamstrung by even more amazingly incompetent ministers, he was swept from office in 1975 by the largest ever electoral defeat in Australia's history.  The Labor Party held just one seat in each of W.A. and Queensland and none in Tasmania.

[3]  W&D thanks John Hussman of Hussman Funds for this delightful image.