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From the mouth of...

“If the Senate fails to pass these laws, I will…dissolve both houses of parliament and issue writs for an election.” 

-       Malcolm Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister, on threatening to call a double dissolution election if the Senate fails to pass certain work-place relations' bills .

Err, no.  Only the Governor-General can dissolve federal parliament.  And only the Governor-General can issue election writs for the House.  But not for the Senate: State Governors issue writs for Senate elections for their respective states.  

What happens is, bizarrely, the Governor-General 'invites' state Governors to adopt the suggested date for the Senate election in their state.  Theoretically, a state Governor could fix a date for his/ her state on any other date than that requested by the Governor-General (provided it is a Saturday).

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

A man broke into the ATM at a Bank of America in Phoenix, Arizona. He walked away from the machine cleanly but happened to spot actor Bill Murray on the street (he was visiting friends in the city) and could not resist stopping to chat with Murray about the movie “Zombieland.”

The delay allowed witnesses to the robbery to catch up to the man and identify him for police.   Who arrested him.


Things to worry about I

The state senate of the US state of Tennessee voted in February to make its Official State Rifle the .50-caliber Barrett M82.  The Barrett M82 is apparently big in the sniper community, with a range of 1.8 kilometres.

(Times Free Press) 


Things to worry about II

University of Oregon professor Mark Carey produced a 10,300-word journal article in January proposing a new sensitivity to Earth’s melting icecaps: a “feminist glaciology framework” to “generate robust analysis of gender, power, and epistomologies” with a goal of more “just and equitable” “human-ice interactions.”

The New York Post reported that the paper was funded by a National Science Foundation grant of $412,930.

(New York Post)

Human-ice interactions?  

Leading economic indicators

In January a Mr. Cai Zhanjiang (a Chinese businessman) had just purchased a new truck from a dealer.  Nothing wrong with that, but he did so by driving another truck to the showroom and unloading 100,000 renminbi (about $15,300 U.S.) entirely in small bills; a stash weighing about a 500 kilograms.

(China's People's Daily)

No cash reporting requirements, apparently.

Have a wry and dry weekend