Wry & Dry

Double disillusionment over construction industry washdog

W&D has always held the view that Australian newsreaders/ announcers/ radio people, etc are lazy speakers.  And mumble their words.  And so when W&D heard the news about "double disillusionment" over the re-introduction of the "construction industry washdog" W&D knew that something other than washdog disillusionment was afoot.

And W&D thought that all of this time Napoleon Turnbull was dithering.  Nuh.  Like the original Napoleon he has been carefully preparing his campaign.  And has sprung a trap with three fiendish consequences:

  • possibly condemning we-the-voter to the longest ever election-media-boredom-fest
  • possibly condemning we-the-man-in-the-street to ongoing outbursts of RDS (relevance deprivation syndrome) by Tony Abbott
  • the difficulty of someone having to explain a double dissolutionment election [1] to Jacqui Lambie

Unless, of course the cross-angry-grumpy-benchers give-in to self interest, and support government bills they have twice rejected.  W&D ponders for a moment the bank balance of Senator Ricky Muir (Victoria).  

Senator Muir won a record low primary vote of 0.51% in the 2013 federal election.  But was elected by getting to the 14.3% quota with preferences from 23 group voting-ticket parties: Bank Reform Party; Fishing & Lifestyle Party; HEMP Party; Shooters & Fishers, Stable Population Party; Senator Online Party; Building Australia Party; Family First; Bullet Train Party; Rise Up Australia Party; Climate Sceptics Party; Citizens Electoral Council; Palmer United Party; DLP; Katters' Australia Party; Socialist Equality Party; Australian Sex Party; Australian Voice Party; Wikileaks Party; Drug Law Reform; Stop CSG; Animal Justice Party and the Australian Independents Party.


The good senator currently earns $199,040 p.a. plus a tax-free electorate allowance of $46,000 p.a., plus 15.4% of his salary paid by we-the-taxpayer into a superannuation fund of his choice.  He is currently guaranteed his job until 30th June 2020.  He is married with five children.  Prior to entering parliament he was unemployed, having lost his job when his sawmill employer closed own.  

He, and his angry-benchers, can vote for the construction industry washdog.  Or for a double dissolutionment election.  The latter will assuredly see Mr Muir in the long queue at the Sale office of CentreLink (150 York Street) later in July.  

Which way will he vote?   

W&D recalls a certain Gough Whitlam [2], "The punters know that the horse named Morality rarely gets past the post, whereas the nag named Self-interest always runs a good race."