Wry & Dry

Tax evasion brought down Al Capone. ATO: "where are you?"

The latest gangland killing in Melbourne has forced W&D on to the front foot with advice to the authorities.  Hand the matter over to the Australian Tax Office.  

Readers will recall that the most notorious US gangster, Al Capone [1], was not caught by the police, but by the US Internal Revenue Service.  So why not apply the same tactic here?

The alleged $500,000 fee for the most recent murder would, in W&D's mind, have been paid in cash.  So there is no GST.  And no income tax for the killer.  Mind you, if the income is taxable, then the expense must also be deductible.  But W&D is sure that the ATO can work that out.

Get the ATO on the case, W&D says.