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From the mouth of...

"If you are driven by greed, you are most likely not to get rich.  If you are driven by hard work, success will come.

-       Frank Lowy, Westfield founder.

In a month of idiotic comments, W&D thought is was time for some gravitas.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

Anthony Nemeth, 26, seeking drugs, leaped over the counter of a pharmacy in Bradenton, Florida and demanded a supply.

Customer David West, 25, standing at the counter with his girlfriend, ended the robbery with four quick punches, sending Nemeth to the floor.

Nemeth, sadly for him, was not to know that West is a competitive boxer and a former Florida state champion.


Unclear on the concept

A Singaporean army draftee caused a public stir when he was photographed by a visitor as he underwent physical training in army fatigues... but with his maid following behind him carrying his backpack on her shoulders. 


Nice work.  If you can get it.

This will keep you awake at night

In its brand-new communications style-book this year for city workers, San Diego, USA, officials noted that the city’s then-upcoming Presidents’ Day announcements should never refer to America’s “Founding Fathers”.

Even though the Founding Fathers were all males, they can now only be referred to as 'Founders.'

(Pacific Justice Institute)

So, will Russians have to no longer refer to the Russian 'Motherland' and Germans to the German 'Fatherland'?  But 'Parentland' doesn't quite have the same ring to it... 

What is the lion thinking?


Have a wry and dry weekend



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