Wry & Dry

And the Ides is yet to come

Wry & Dry thought it was going to be a weird month.  And so it has - and the Ides [1] is still ahead of us.

Consider this potpourri of events (and W&D's mused predicted response):

  • The iron ore price jumped 19% on Monday, some sort of Bob Beamon [2] record.  But it fell 9% the next day. ("The government will not use the additional budget revenue for additional spending").
  • The Australian dollar has leapt by 4.5% this month (Barnaby Joyce: "This is bad news for farmers.  We need compensation from the government").
  • The share-market has leapt by 5.3% ("what goes up...").

March bang

  • Disclosure of former PM Abbott's office being rather like Lady-Macbeth-comes-to-Hitler's-bunker (watch out for the movie).
  • ASIC, the corporate Labrador, sues ANZ for market manipulation (ANZ: "the ANZ will vigorously defend the action").
  • CommInsure, the life insurance arm of the CBA, has some pretty dirty washing aired in the media (CBA CEO to CBA comms department: "just copy the apology we used for the financial planning scandal").
  • Clive Palmer regains control of his broken nickel refinery and promptly sacks 500 workers ("Vote for the Palmer United Party.  We represent Australian workers"). 

W&D's take on all of this?  Keep calm.  And carry on.  The Ides is yet to come.