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From the mouth of...

"When you go around and meet state-owned industry people, everybody laughs at the national statistics, so I don't know why foreigners believe them.”

-       Anne Stevenson-Yang, co-founder of J Capital Research, which analyses the Chinese economy.

Because it is in their best interests so to do.

Some lightly salted absurdities from all over...

At the extreme left-hand of the bell curve

The robbers of the electronics store Compucell in Springfield, Massachusetts, in December came up empty but are still at large. A man with a gun jumped the counter and demanded that the employee give him money from the locked cash register.

The gunman moved to the back door to let in his accomplice, but that merely allowed the employee and two customers to run out the front door, and the accomplice fled, too, sensing that, with no one to unlock the register, the “robbery” was going nowhere. 

(The Republican)

Unclear on the concept

Ryan Dailey, 28, was arrested in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in February on several charges after, police said, he beat his mother by pounding her with a book.  His explanation, police said, was that when he asked her who her soul belonged to, she repeatedly declined to answer.  

The book was the Bible.

(Las Cruces Sun-News)

Government in action

Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major Rob Dickerson finally received his Purple Heart, four years after he was seriously wounded in a rocket attack in Iraq and two years after he began a back-and-forth paperwork battle with the Army to "prove" he was injured.

Recently, the Army had apologised and mailed him the award, but it arrived C.O.D., leaving Dickerson to pay the $21 fee.

The Army subsequently reimbursed Dickerson, but Dickerson said he hasn't been able to cash the cheque, in that it was somehow made out to 'Roy Dirksen.'

(KELO-TV Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


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