Wry & Dry

Turnbull: from Lillee to beach bowler

W&D had expected better.

Like Lillee at the MCG on Boxing Day, newly minted PM Turnbull had the new ball; the wind at his back; the baying crowd in bay 13 behind him and a quivering helmetless, padless, boxless William Shorten with a bat as wide as a broomstick at the crease.


Turnbull 3 months ago.



Turnbull today: a beach-cricket bowler.

So what has happened?  Nothing.  Turnbull hasn't even marked out his run-up.

Well aside from the ministerial-movement (there now being only six ministers left who were originally sworn in by I-won't-be-a-spoiler-but-I-cannot-get-a-job-anywhere-else-so-I'll-stay-in-parliament-ex-PM Abbott), W&D sees nothing.  Zilch.  Zip.  Zero.

The much mooted major tax reform has sunk for want of process.  The daft idea of lifting the GST to 15% was raised up the government's flagpole.  No-one was seen to salute, so PM Turnbull hastily hauled it down.  The debate about the much needed lowering of company tax descended into partisan fighting.  

And sensible thought of actually looking at cutting government expenditure seems not to have entered discussion anywhere.

W&D sees that the wind has turned; and William Shorten has suddenly the appearance, if not of Bradman, perhaps that of Jim Higgs, but with a metre-wide bat. (Although even a bat that wide wouldn't have helped Higgs).

And the bay 13 crowd has gone to the bar.

This is a juxtaposition of Prime Ministers.  Abbott was an unpopular do-nothing PM.

Turnbull wants to be a popular do-nothing PM.