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Education failings

W&D is more worried about our education system than the stock-market.  Those gurus at the OECD released a report damning Australia's education system.

It says that Australian schools are better resourced than most other industrialised countries and that there is no other OECD country where low performing students have "better educational resources".

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Yet in the keys areas of maths, reading and science, Australia has more low performing students than the OECD average.  Some 14% of students are functionally illiterate.  Good grief!  This level has not changed since 2003.  And this in spite of the best resources in the world.

So, if we have the best educational resources in the world, why do we have such low educational outcomes?

And W&D only has to look at the bovine-quality of representatives of we-the-people in Planet Canberra to see the eventual outcome of this system.