Wry & Dry

Decimal birthday

W&D mistily notes that Sunday is the 50th anniversary of the introduction of decimal currency into Australia.  In the same way that his children seem to think that mobile phones have been around since before Christ, so too do they consider that even indigenous people had dollars and cents before Lieutenant Cook (he didn't become Commander Cook until later) landed in Botany Bay. 

And how boring is this decimal coinage?  Think of those delightful names we have lost: the guinea (one pound + one shilling); tuppence; florin; crown; zac (six pence); thruppence; ha'penny; etc.  Sigh.  

And the childish curiosity of which sovereign's head would be on any coin that came into W&D's pocket: it might have been any of four.  Now: just one.  Sigh.

-       Anthony Starkins